2010 News…

* News as of 2-12-10: Here are two radio plays that I was a creative
consultant for. They have already been tested by the airways, and I
think you’ll enjoy the humor and    horror contained in each
respectively. Both are available for purchase at amazon.com:

Monty Moudlyn, Founder of the Hug Brigade
Monty Moudlyn disappeared shortly after founding a peace  organization called the Hug Brigade. Learn the fragments  of his most extraordinary and humorous autobiography. Listen to the commercials right here, click below:

Riders of the Three-Toed Horse
Geologist Elias Ullstrom discovers there is evil hidden in Agate County’s back canyons. Learn what he discovers and how he tries to confront the horror that faces him. Listen to the commercials below:

Various News…

*News as of 6-26-09: Attending Mythcon 40 July 17-20 to present paper “Perilous Shores: The Unfathomable Supernaturalism of Water in 19th-Century Scottish Folklore.” Also, the Folkore and the Fantastic book was nominated as a finalist for the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award in Myth and Fantasy studies. http://www.mythsoc.org/awards/2009/ Will find out result on July 20. Looking forward to meeting some fascinating people there at Mythcon 40!

** Seeking agent/production/sales for the following scripts:

1.2012: Dawn or Darkness? (cowriter Mica Brown): A police detective, Lisa Ramos, in Malibu discovers she is the reincarnation of a Mayan Princess. She must save the world from a vengeful sorcerer who seeks to unleash an apocalypse at the end of the Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21, 2012.
2.The Eaters of Time: In the year 2177, a scientist  sends his cat one minute into the future–accidentally  releasing a mythological menace that threatens the very foundations of the universe.Perseus Dawson, a disillusioned government assassin, embarks on a time-travel adventure to overcome the evil.
3.The Good People: During a summer trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland, a High School class discovers that there is truth in folklore: they encounter ghosts, witches, the Devil, and “the good people” (fairies), all of whom have designs upon their bodies and souls.

4.Mind Shadows: A failed internet fortuneteller is recruited to work with a group of psychic prodigies in a remote-viewing intelligence program for national security. He discovers not only the secret agenda of a tyrannical general who is in league with dark forces but the truth of his own mysterious past.
***Also, currently looking for artists to work with me on the comic book/graphic novel: Astral Travel for Beginners.